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Midi HOLDON® Clips - Singles

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Midi HOLDON® Clips For 25

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Midi HOLDON® Clips For 50

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Midi HOLDON® Clips For 100

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Midi HOLDON® Clips For 250

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Mini HOLDON® Clips - Singles

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Mini HOLDON® Clip For 25

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Mini HOLDON® Clip For 50

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These Midi Holdon® clips offer a highly effective and efficient 'instant' clip-on eyelets/fixing clips for securing all types of textiles, fabrics, substrates, polythene and other sheet products.

These clips perform equally well on hemmed or on non hemmed fabric.

Holdon® offer users a simple, fast and effective means of creating fixing points without the need for tools or special skills – Holdon™ is based on the unbeatable 'wedge' principle, hence 'the heavier the load the tighter the grip'.

Holdon® offers users a realistic alternative to the traditional eyelet with the advantage of being reusable and in most cases, with much
greater resistance to failure.

See these Holdon® MIDI clips at work on video, click on link below.


These Midi clips are 70mm in length (fully closed). 40mm at widest point. 10mm 'Eyelet' hole, 15mm up from bottom edge.


Introducing the Holdon® Mini

Holdon® instant clip-on eyelets eliminate the need for hems and traditional eyelets / grommets! Perfect for
the digital signmaker or to simplify banner mounting.

Holdon® fit in an instant, without tools and enhance
the finished banner!

- Potential to eliminate hems and traditional eyelets!
- Signmaker prints the banner and supplies Holdon®!
- Total control over positioning!
- Great holding power on most substrates!
- Reusable!


Holdon® Clip Mini
Colours: white, black, blue, green, yellow, red. Recommended for fixing media/material up to 1,5 mm thick, both indoor and outdoor use.
Limited media thickness capability - but with equal gripping performance as the
Holdon Midi.

See these Holdon MINI clips at work on video, click on link below.


These Holdon® Mini clips are 43mm in length (fully closed). 35mm at widest point. 10mm 'Eyelet' hole, 8mm up from bottom edge.

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