140gsm Silver/Green Tarpaulins

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Silver/Green Tarpaulin 2.0M x 3.0M

Code: SG2030Status: In StockWeight: 1.05kg
£4.44 Ex Tax: £3.70

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 3.0M x 3.0M

Code: SG3030Status: In StockWeight: 1.30kg
£6.42 Ex Tax: £5.35

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 3.5M x 5.5M

Code: SG3555Status: In StockWeight: 3.50kg
£13.80 Ex Tax: £11.50

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 5.5 x 7.0M

Code: SG5570Status: In StockWeight: 5.40kg
£27.60 Ex Tax: £23.00

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 7.0 x 7.0M

Code: SG7070Status: In StockWeight: 7.00kg
£35.20 Ex Tax: £29.33

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 6.0M x 10.0M

Code: SG60100Status: In StockWeight: 19.00kg
£43.02 Ex Tax: £35.85

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 8.0M x 12.0M

Code: SG80120Status: In StockWeight: 24.00kg
£69.12 Ex Tax: £57.60

Silver/Green Tarpaulin 11.0M X 13.0M

Code: SG110130Status: In StockWeight: 30.00kg
£102.24 Ex Tax: £85.20
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140gsm Silver/Green Tarpaulins

The SILVER/GREEN is a strong mid-grade polyethylene tarpaulin, and is dual coloured; green on one side and silver on the other. It is manufactured in the same way as our lightweight   tarpaulins, but with a closer 12 x 10 weave, and a thicker coating, it is approximately twice as heavy as our lightweight tarpaulins.
Each SILVER/GREEN tarpaulin is tough and durable yet easy to handle and is widely used for industrial purposes, covering boats, roofing, construction and agriculture. Currently available in 4 sizes the Super SILVER/GREEN is best suited to projects where extra strength and durability is required.

  • Waterproof
  • Tough spec 12 x 10 mesh
  • Approx 140 grams per square metre
  • Rotproof, Shrinkproof & UV Protected
  • Eyelets at 1 Metre Intervals on all 4 sides
  • Plastic Corner Reinforcements
  • Colour: green one side, silver the other

 We often get asked what are your tarps like with winds?
Answer.OK, but we cannot guarantee against any type of weather related incidents. If you are in a windy area and you wish to tie your tarps to something, we recommend bungee cords with hooks or bungee balls through the grommet. This assures flexibility and less stress on the material. These can be seen on our Shock Cord Assemblies page.



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