310gsm Clear PVC Tarpaulin

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Glass Clear Tarpaulin. 2.0M x 2.4M

Code: GC2024Status: Out Of StockWeight: 1.90kg
£19.44 Ex Tax: £16.20

Glass Clear Tarpaulin. 3.0M x 4.0M

Code: GC3040Status: Out Of StockWeight: 3.70kg
£48.36 Ex Tax: £40.30

Glass Clear Tarpaulin. 2.0M x 6.0M

Code: GC2060Status: In StockWeight: 4.50kg
£49.56 Ex Tax: £41.30

Glass Clear Tarpaulin. 2.0M x 9.0M

Code: GC2090Status: In StockWeight: 6.00kg
£73.44 Ex Tax: £61.20

Glass Clear Tarpaulin. 4.0M x 5.0M

Code: GC4050Status: Out Of StockWeight: 6.20kg
£80.88 Ex Tax: £67.40
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310gsm Clear PVC Tarpaulin

Please Note: All our tarpaulin sizes are 'cut sizes' which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore expect the 'finished' size to be up to a maximum of 30 cms shorter.

Glass Clear PVC Tarpaulins

Just as the name infers you can see through one of these tarps just like a pane of glass, so they are great for projects where maximum light penetration is required. Completely waterproof they are widely used as side curtains on market stalls or utilised as a cover over goods during bad weather. Also can be used to work underneath in the garden or during building work as it does not block out light but keeps the working area dry.

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Strong PVC material, 0.26mm thickness
  • Brass Eyelets at 1 metre intervals
  • PVC Reinforced Hems - Double stitched
  • Shrink-proof, Rot-proof & UV Protected
  • Available in 6 Sizes


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